Junk miles

17 02 2013

Runners talk a lot about “junk miles,” those miles run without any specific training goal other than to pad the weekly total. I’ve come to a personal understanding that there are no such things as junk miles, so long as (1) you don’t negatively impact yourself or anyone else during the run, (2) you remain present with every step, and (3) your intention is to deeply engage with and enjoy point #2. Just make sure your intention is clear and authentic, and not motivated by that reckless slave of the ego, guilt relief.



6 responses

17 02 2013

I agree with you completely (and I’m sure you already knew that). I seize any chance I have to be fully present within my physical being, aware of my breathing, mind quiet yet cognizant of sensation. It’s my meditation and (quite truthfully) my salvation.

Of course, someone who is chalking up miles simply to chalk up miles, mind focused on a GPS/HRM or whatever it is they’ll be doing NEXT….well, that individual is having a junk experience.

17 02 2013

Agreed, my friend. Hope you’re well.

17 02 2013

Ah, Buddha, what can I say? The dark days of winter are rough on a clinical depressive. I hunger for those daylight hours when I can saddle up (I’m a cyclist, now) and ride with “mindfulness.”

And when those days come (as I know they will), I’ll ride with purpose and a heart full o’ prayers for folks who mean a lot to me (such as you).

17 02 2013

Prayers for you, and for us all.

21 02 2013

I love junk miles, as long as my body is up for it. No GPS, no HRM, just me and the road (or trail). Bliss.

25 02 2013

Amen, and amen. Thanks for sharing.

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