Through stillness and motion …

8 12 2011

… sitting, running, and life coursing through it all. Goodbye Gran, my last surviving grandparent; hello Clare Ana, our first grandchild. Sad and unexpected goodbyes to several co-workers and friends whose lives ended much too soon; hello to new friends made along the way and visits to friends from decades past. Goodbye corporate world of 30 years; hello specialty running retail store, where I now work as a running shoe specialist.

Through all of these changes, the constants are stillness (through zazen) and motion (through running). I am feeling the call to perhaps race less and simply run more, to spend more time on the cushion and explore the changes hurling their way out of the darkness.

Based on the traditional Chinese calendar, this had been described as a year of rest and relaxed activity. It has been anything but. I can give deep thanks for zazen and for running, those twin sons of different mothers. May they be with me, and I with them, as I continue sifting through the questions of 2011 and whatever lies ahead. “One inch ahead, all is darkness,” goes the Zen saying. Sitting, running, through stillness and motion, I vow not to expect answers, but to breathe with the questions. May the questions of 2012 challenge you in exciting and unexpected ways!



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