Huh, Huh, Huey Huey (Huey Huey Huh Huh)

23 07 2011

Training in the heat has resumed. I’m still doing some treadmill running mostly for shorter/more intense workouts. Wednesday evening, Saturday and Sunday are reserved for longer outdoor runs and, as sad as this is, I’ve actually already gotten acclimated to running in 85+ temperatures for up to nearly 3 hours. I suppose we’re all going to have to learn to get more acclimated, as the global climate continues its slow, disturbing changes.

Still early training days, and not much to say about them for now. I’ve also recently become a first-time grandfather to a beautiful baby girl, who I’ll get to hold in less than three weeks. Seeing her pictures and knowing I’m her “Pop” is, to paraphrase newlywed Abraham Lincoln writing about his marriage, a matter of profound wonder. It’s also a reminder that time is oozing on, and that every step I take in ultra training is a step closer to the day I won’t be able to do it any more. Not yet. But, of course, it will come.

I actually made two weekend sesshins in a row, which was invaluable time spent sitting and staring at a wall. It’s so wonderful how every sesshin encompasses the same basic schedule and activity, yet every one has its own personality. These were intimate sits where every breath in the room could often be heard. I was very glad to get some of my attention back, and realize how many different kinds of “hot” there really are … and how the ball of noisiness I perceive I’m hearing, when I allow it to unravel like a big ball of tangled yarn, is actually a continual symphony, resonating with infinite variety.

Thanks in part to those sesshins, this morning during my long run I was able to slip into the rhythm of my steps and breathing, which together played for me: “Huh Huh” (in breath) and “Huey Huey” (out breath). I found my groove and ran along to the sounds of Huh, huh, Huey Huey, Huey, Huey, huh, huh, around the lake spillway, up the east shore and all the way home. My own runner’s mantra!



4 responses

23 07 2011
Elayne Fletcher

Congrats on your new granddaughter! How very cool.

Are you coming to Boulder this summer?

26 07 2011

Hi Elayne; thanks. Yes, we are, but our new granddaughter lives in Ft. Collins so we’ll obviously be splitting our time. I’ll send you an email soon; I think there’s one day (a Monday) when I would be able to get together. Would really enjoy seeing you if the date works out!

19 10 2011

Hello, Ed. Enjoying your blog. Just stumbled on it by happenstance. Good stuff.

– Brock (from the zendo)

15 12 2011

Thanks Brock!

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